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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

^Interesting. I remember Rod Taylor in another sort of 20th-century Western, the short-lived 1986 TV series Outlaws, about a group of 19th-century frontier marshals who fell through a time rift into the present day and became private detectives (yes, seriously). It was created by Nicholas Corea, formerly a producer for Bill Bixby's The Incredible Hulk, and co-starred two Trek guests, Charles Napier (from TOS: "The Way to Eden" and DS9: "Little Green Men") and William Lucking (Furell from DS9 and an Orion merchant prince in ENT: "Bound"), as well as Richard Roundtree and Christine Belford.

I'd always known that Rod Taylor had prior experience with time travel (from George Pal's The Time Machine, of course), but I didn't know he had prior experience with the "20th-century Western" genre. Although, yes, I recognize that a Western set around the turn of the century is rather different from a time-travel piece.
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