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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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As for the SB, Manning and the Bronco's offense is on a serious roll, but Seattle appears to me to be the exact kind of team to beat them -- great defense (DB's in particular) and running game. In the SB, defense usually wins.
Here's how I see the Super Bowl going down:

The Broncos will be primed to stop the run (like they did against NE) and force the QB to throw. Yesterday, Brady couldn't get it done through the air because the Broncos defense took away the short pass game, forcing Brady to air it out, and he wasn't able to make completions deep. And I don't think we'll get any disagreement here that Brady is a better QB than Russell Wilson, who has played downright pedestrian these past few weeks and in the regular season. I don't think Wilson can get it done against the Broncos defense, so it will go back to Lynch trying to make it happen on the ground.

As far as the Seattle Defense, Manning will flatly refuse to throw it Sherman's way the entire game unless the receiver has him beat. Sherman will likely have a lonely day. With 4+ targets on every play, Manning doesn't need to throw it to whichever receiver (probably DT) covered by Sherman.
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