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Re: Best AI in Star Trek

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I think there's an interesting difference between the EMH and Data, in that the latter was designed and intended by Soong to become self-aware independent, whereas the EMH gained some of those qualities somewhat unintentionally through the Caretaker's actions in stranding Voyager. I think that he earned the same rights as a distinct individual that Data has, but it's harder to judge for me whether this would favor the argument that other holograms are potentially life forms on the same level. It would depend on a number of things.
i guess it depends on the complexity of the holograms programming. i.e. Michael Sullivan in VOY ep Fairhaven. he gains true to life emotions for Janeway (climbing a tree and professing his live for her) because Janeway gave him greater 'inelegance' as well as I guess a rudimentary understanding of love through poetry but again is this to do with been left running for a longer period of time as Albertese has mentioned. But however other less sophisticated programs (Chaotica for example) are relatively stupid but is this an intentional programming feature to allow the player to defeat them?

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