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Re: TNG Caption This! 342: Tardy

Picard: So you all know why I called this long overdue meeting.
Riker: Where are all the green chicks, sir?
Picard: Where are all the green chicks.
Worf <grumbling>: I too have been doubting some of the promises the Starfleet recruiter told me.

Plus he's gross, and his stomach is always making noises; he smells like dead fish and prune juice, and the nurses all request a day off when it's his turn for a physical - and - <looks around, steps closer> - he's standing right behind me, isn't he?

Picard: - and then you do the Picard Maneuver.
Data: You mean yawn and stretch your arm around her, sir?
Troi: I have a bad feeling about why I was asked here.

Do you know why Counselor Troi left Earth, Number One?
She saw the ring around Uranus.
Yes sir.

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