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Re: The Musketeers - BBC 2014 Adaptation.

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I've recorded it but not watched it yet. I was afraid it was going to be another Robin Hood/Merlin/Atlantis affair, none of which I've liked. I was hoping the 9PM Sunday slot would mean otherwise and the above comments look promising.

I'll post again once I've seen it !
It beats the shit out of all of those. It's more in the Da Vinci's Demons vein, but with way less swearing, nudity, and outrageous anachronisms.

TBH it'd get away with an 8pm slot, same as Atlantis would get away with a 6pm one.
Not sure about Merlin, sure it was in a similar vein to Robin Hood and Atlantis but somehow it rose above both of them (a lot of which was down to the cast I know).

I still haven't been bothered to watch the last two episodes of Atlantis...and I'm not sure I will now.
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