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Wooho, board gamers on Trekbbs. This is my day

I actually started the hobby through Munchkin (which I now find repetitive and the jokes quickly ran out), and then jumped into the deep with Battlestar Galactica (which is probably the best thematic game ever).

These days I have a 6 bookshelves full of board games, (about 50-60 games) and I'm about to become a published game designer this year!

If you have a little patience to learn something more than 2 sentences long, there is probably a game for every taste. From coop to competitive, from low interaction to active fighting, it's all there.

As for the attitude, I'm probably the same as Kelthaz. I'm very eager (and evil) to win, but if I lose, I mainly try and focus on what went wrong - and lay the blame at my own feet.

Ooo let's talk more games! Have you tried any Star Trek board games you liked?
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