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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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That's a great site Gov Kodos, full of devotion

This is one of my favorites from there..

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What you may not realize, Teacake, is both of these are "Xena/Lucy" ones. The leather jacket pose is from a Lucy Lawless / Battlestar Galactica publicity shot. The soccer mom hairdo, however, doesn't really go with this look.

I think I would have chosen something longer, like the "original" had.

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The leather jacket image is wonderful, the Xena one is great, but the head seems a tad small. I love the idea anyway, so it's easy to forgive. The Cleo/Egyptian one is another favorite of mine as is the knight in armor.
I LOVE the one in armor!


Oh Teacake...

I'll give her a cannon for Chakotay!
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