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Re: Obvious plot hole at the beginning

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The start of the film is filled with massive plot holes and problems.

The gross violation of the PD is a biggy though. On that day, those people were meant to die in a volcano, by altering those events the crew have chaged fate. They decided to play god and have no clue what their actions will result in. The PD isn't just a suggestion for behaviour, it is Regulation #1 for all Starfleet personnel.
They know exactly what their actions will result in. Those people who were going to die, are now going to live. Obviously, the better option in every way.
Add to that the need for a starship to be underwater, even though every other cultural study undertaken by a Trek crew has been done safely from orbit.
To keep their activities from Starfleet's long-range sensor arrays?
Then you have NuUhura throwing a strop and arguing with her boyfriend (not to mention superior officer) in the middle of their 'mission', at a time when professionalism would be key.
She wished him luck and kissed him on the cheek.
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