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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

Don't fall for it Publiusr. There's only one reason an Austrian would want to know secrets about the importance of a seaboard American city in WW-2, and that's probably so she can redirect U-boats via some sort of time portal. Loose lips sink ships. I suspect that Ba'al has some handiwork in it, traveling back to our time to figure out how to defeat SG-1 and conquer Earth, similar to his attempt to rewrite history by intercepting the US merchantman that transported the Egyptian Stargate from Europe to America during the height of the U-boat war. Thankfully that attempt was stopped by Colonel Mitchell, but Ba'al had many clones and one of them could have travelled to Austria and be wining and dining Rhubarbodendron and pushing her to get you to reveal things that were at one time highly classified. To us it no longer matters except as something of interest, but Ba'al could use the information to tactical or strategic advantage.
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