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Re: VOTE! VOY One Small Step / Genre Guest Stars / Heroes Avatar Conte

And now...

In our Episode contest... we have a three-way tie! With two votes each:


In our Theme contest, my entry came out on top, with three votes:

Avro Arrow

And in our Random contest, we have another tie! With two votes each, our winners are:

Avro Arrow (me) and_Orac!

So... Orac, JiNX-01 and od0_ital, I leave it to the three of you to decide amongst yourselves what the next episode is, and who will run the next contest. The lirpas and the ahn-woons are over there in the corner if you feel you need them!

Since it looks like the Voyager theme is my pick, let's go with Non-Marquee Maquis... your favourite Maquis crewmember who is not one of the series leads.

Since I got to pick the Voyager theme, I will defer to my co-winner Orac to pick the random theme.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all who entered and voted!
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