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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

Scout101 wrote: View Post
The Colony Invasion PVE event (in queue) is a very easy way to get around 60 Fleet Marks in about 5 minutes as well. I try and make a point of grinding that one out on any fleet toons daily, as that's good for fleet credits and really moves the projects along...
Plus during Crystalline Catastrophe Elite can net 65 fleet marks regularly or 85 during bonus the marks event

Capn Flukie wrote: View Post
I haven't heard anyone mention Commendation Reports yet...

When your Duty Officer ranks hit 110,000 you can file a 'Commendation Report' for each one at the Fleet Starbase, it will use 10,000 points, but it will give 75 Fleet marks, and you can just do more missions until they are back up to 110,000, then file another report, another 75 Fleet Marks.

If you've never filed them and all your ranks are at 110,000 and over, you have the potential to gain 825 Fleet Marks.
You can also get 100 Fleet marks if its a critical success.
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