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Re: Homemade documentary on TNG sets in 1988

More from Koerner at the youtube link. You can't make this shit up.
The camera man got away. Captain Stone was caught by the security lady but was able to escape by faking a heart attack because she was working alone and her job requires her to go get help
Too bad they didn't get that on video for the big finish.

From "David West:"
I tweeted this to Michael Okuda (graphic artist for Star Trek) Here is his reply to me : "Jerks snuck into the stage, broke and stole stuff. They cost prep time and $$ that could have gone into the show.
Michael & Denise Okuda: Those jerks not only stole stuff from the set, but they caused damage, costing us prep time and money. Hardly the behavior you'd expect from people who profess to like Star Trek. The voice chasing them is that of Paramount security officer Elaina Vesico.
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I notice there's some defensive comments on the Youtube video from a "G Stone", wonder if it's actually him.
I hope it's not him, because there are some really bizarre comments.

EDIT: Something "Captain" Stone just posted at this link. It seems he and Ralhp Miller had a bit of a falling out. He doesn't mention his escapade with Miller (if that was Miller) on the TNG set, though.

And at this link, our own Mutai Sho-Rin speaks to the infamous Captain Stone!
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