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This is easily one of the worst episode endings in DS9. Kurn could have probably went back undercover in somebody else's house without having his memory erased.
Why would Kurn accept that any better than trying to live his life with Worf on DS9? His life is still gone, everything he has and worked for is gone, and most importantly his honour is still gone. Death would still appear to be his best option.
The situation after Sons of Mogh really wasn't any different for Kurn than the situation after Sins of the Father. Just his brother was the traitor instead of his father. And Kurn knows how politically unstable Kronos is better than anyone, he knows just because his house is dishonored now doesn't mean it will always be dishonored. All he had to do was bide his time until he had something of value to offer to a political leader, the exact same way he did in Redemption.
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