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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

^But that leaves an unanswered question for the viewer, namely: Are there any movies that do show an RPG hitting the front of an SUV and making it flip? In my experience, movie and TV scenes built around car-flip stunts usually have the explosion going off underneath the car, not within it, because even movie physics has some logic to it. I've seen one or two cases where an explosion went off under a car and made it flip, and the occupants of the car then climbed out, dazed but alive. (I'd love to see the Mythbusters test that one!) I think there's an example of that in the beginning of Iron Man, though I could be wrong.

So I'm just not convinced that the myth is what they said it was. My impression is that the clip they used (I though it was Fast Five, not 6) was closer to being the rule than the exception.
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