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Re: Mars One - Unethical?

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Publiusr, thank you for this excellent analysis. Could you please explain to me the role New Orleans played in WW2? Apart from it being a town mostly inhabited by people of French and African origin, having been a major Mississippi-harbour and cotton market in the 1800s and having excellent cuisine and music I've never heard anything of that town until that flood they suffered about a decade ago. It might be wiser, though, to take that to PM as it'd lead the thread very far off-topic.
Not at all, subsidence is caused by drilling for oil, but also for water. The plow is still far worse than the drill head, in that growing fuel needs large 2 dimensional surface impact, as opposed to drilling a hole the size of your fist. I even remember folks talking about turning oil into food, since we are all hydrocarbons after all.
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