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Re: TNG Caption This! 342: Tardy


Picard: Then it's settled. When Wesley comes onto the bridge tomorrow we'll all wear beards and convince him his impure thoughts have ruined this timeline.

Beverly: Come on, Captain - the wrestling, the bondage and pain sticks, the tentacle ravaging, the platform boots, the tea and poetry - all goes to show you the superiority of the Klingon warrior -
Worf: Ohhh?
Beverly: - at being totally gay.
Worf: Awwww.

Data: Sir, I do not believe that "Sid the Invisible Sentient Slinky" is a legitimate alien life form.
Troi: To be fair, Data, I often sense a desire to push something down some stairs.
Picard: Quiet! She's sleeping.

Data: No sir, I was not aware that giving sappy Italian names to photon torpedo yields would cause them to be overcharged.

Picard: Do you know why the anomaly got a trophy, Number One?
Riker: Sir?
Picard: Because it was spatial.
Riker: Yes sir.

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