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Re: Who wants to see a TAS RemasTered project?

Maurice wrote: View Post
I assume you meant "master" and not "maser"
Yes, stupid typos!

BillJ wrote: View Post
Count me as one that would be interested in the series being updated with modern animation. I'd even like to see an episode re-voiced by the actors involved with the current films. *ducks*

But I would also want the original unaltered episodes included on any release.
I completely agree, any updated animation/changes should be accompanied with the original versions on Blu-ray. I actually LOVED that the TOS Blu-rays came with both versions.

I think some who read my original post are focusing on my possible suggestions too much. A blu-ray release for TAS doesn't have to be anything more than converting the show as is to HD. In that sence, yes, it would be a "remastered" version.
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