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Re: Helix - Ron Moore

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'Huge' blonde? Really? She IS the only likable character, though.
I thought so too.

BUT, the biggest problem I had... she found the monkey cages, she was attacked by a monkey, YET, didn't bother to tell anyone?!? For like a DAY?

And no one ASKED, "hey, where's Doreen?"

I couldn't wrap my head around that. You guys are a team, yet, Doreen seemed to not tell anyone some REALLY IMPORTANT SHIT that just went down...

I'm sticking around, hoping the characters and the writers get a little smarter.
What killed me in episode 2, is the Army engineer guy talking her out of telling her boss the monkey was missing. In 1 day this newbie has instilled massive distrust in her for a guy she's known/worked with for years, and she places it all in HIM?

Yeah, right.

Then he leads her to a field of frozen monkeys and it still doesn't make her want to tell her boss there's something rotten in Denmark?

Yeah, right.

When is Jeri Ryan supposedly showing up?

Will things get better or worse when she does?

There's just so much an actor can do to overcome poor writing.
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