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Re: Kirk, the PD, "The Omega Glory" and "Miri"

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"We the people of The United States of America"=Yangs.
Just as it meant Whites only when the original Constitution was drafted. But as I said upthread since that isn't what the document actually says it is highly hypocritical to proclaim it means one thing while not actually practicing it.

And fact is the Yangs were completely free to ignore what Kirk says to them after he left. I've no doubt that many would still argue the document's meaning despite what they had learned. That is still happening today as throughout history as individuals and groups parse historical texts to get the meaning they want rather than what is actually there. People are still arguing over what America's founding fathers intended. Same with the Bible and the Qoran. But the world of the 18th century isn't much like the world of today except in basic human nature. Some "self-evident truths" of the past simply aren't "self-evident" anymore.
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