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Re: Kirk, the PD, "The Omega Glory" and "Miri"

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Prior contamination doesn't give you liberty to do anything you want. Kirk pushes an old man out of the way and gets his greasy paws all over a 2,000 year old document and starts waving it around. And Kirk DOESN'T simply reiterate it's meaning. He gives it a sweeping new definition by saying it applies to the Kohms as well.
Of course he reiterated its meaning; whether the Yangs understood it or not, the words--as read--do not say, "Yangs only, damn it"!" The words are quite broad to the people, so Kirk merely tells the Yangs (who in all honesty--could have lost the vision of the document meaning over the generations) that the conflict will never end unless the Yang directives apply to all on Omega.

After Kirk leaves: (In story) At the very least the Yang leader has promised vast social reform.

(In reality) As stated earlier in the thread, some sort of in-house struggle probably resulting in the deposing of Cloud William.

That is the definition of the PD *Interference*.
Your In Story point IS the point. Social reform is not really doing something alien to the document's meaning. It is simply enforcing the meaning which has--as Kirk's states--been slurred over the passage of centuries.
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