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I expected Lucy to try and commit suicide and Dracula would turn her to save her. How it played out made no sense because now she's a wild card.
It would've made far less sense for Dracula to save her. The only person he really cares about is Mina, and Lucy hurt and betrayed Mina. Saving her is the last thing he'd want to do. He wants her to suffer. He wants her to be damned, as he was damned.

I don't think she's a wild card either. The show's been a little unclear on this, but it seems that other vampires are instinctively under Dracula's thrall. They're drawn to him and follow his orders. Since he sired Lucy directly, she may be even more under his control (as she was in the book). So he probably intends to use her as one of his weapons against the Order.

Any chance another network will pick this show up since it's dead on NBC?
It's not "dead," it was just conceived as a 10-part limited series all along. I wouldn't want to see it picked up if the story's already ended. We saw how badly that can go wrong with Heroes. The original plan there was for each season to feature a (mostly?) new cast and new storyline, so the first-season story and character arcs were satisfactorily resolved in that finale. But because the actors were popular, NBC insisted that they be kept around, and the remaining three seasons floundered because they were dragging out character arcs that had already reached their natural resolution, and so it was all kind of pointless.
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