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Re: Starship Enterprise (Alternate Version) "Regeneration"

Hi Brian, welcome aboard! I'm glad you've enjoyed things so far. Thanks for the input, it's very helpful to hear what people think.

You're quite right about the chocolate, I did know that but I guess it slipped my mind. Well let's just retcon that and say that by the time of this story commercially available chocolate doesn't have theobrominein in it! It's probably something Polly invented, she was out at the park one day, saw a mother tell her son not to give the dog chocolate as it was bad for him, and by the time she got home she'd mentally developed a new formula that's safe for dogs and tastes just as good. Probably less fattening too, there's a reason she keeps her figure.

As to the torpedo and serial numbers, you raise a very good point. I should have thought of that. We'll assume that the damaged torpedo was delivered to Earth Military Intelligence, who will examine it to determine it's point of origin.

Apologies again for the lack of updates, quite apart from the writers block I've been having quite a busy time recently. I've got a few days off soon, so I should be able to get started then. I've decided to change my plans. The next chapter was intended to be a flashback to the young Denobulans on their hunting trip, detailing how they found the ziggurat and what happened to them next.

I just can't make it work though, for some reason, so I've decided to drop it and get on with the main story. That probably means another exposition heavy scene sometime later, but at least it preserves the narrative flow. It won't be the first time I've dropped a chapter because it didn't fit in. I had planned an earlier humorous sequence, but decided against it as it added nothing to the story, slowed the pace, and was far, far too rude, even for me.
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