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Re: Stellar Cartography

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Masao: I do like your preferred placement for Berengaria.
That's completely random. The map I linked to is only about 10 parsecs in diameter, so I wanted to put in a few Trek stars for which there is little or no clue to their location in TOS/TAS. Berengeria was, Memory Alpha now tells me, mentioned in DS9, but I never watched much DS9. Oh well. And I never watched much Enterprise, so I don't care about any mention there.

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Trying to make out your choice for Taugus' homestar...Gliese 480.1 as opposed to Mandel's Gamma Equueli?
Yes, Gl 480.1, which is much closer (25 ly) than Gamma Equulei (>100 ly). Because the ships in my version of Trek history are very slow (and not simply modern ships with a different paint job), I moved the Romulan War very close to Earth. That complicates later Trek geography, but I don't deal with that, so I don't care!
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