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Re: MLP:FiM S4E10 "Rainbow Falls" - Grading & Discussion

J. Allen wrote: View Post
^Great points. I'd also like to add that it's possible Bulk Biceps can fly in short bursts, but anything requiring finesse or grace is just beyond him. Though he looked positively smashing in that dress.
Thanks. I'll probably modify and expand upon that little rundown I wrote and put it up as part of a review post for the episode. I've been doing posts for each episode of the season so far, but I fell behind, so I only recently put up a post for "Flight to the Finish" and then one more covering "Power Ponies" and "Bats". (SHAMELESS PLUG LINKS ALERT). I've got "Rarity Takes Manehatten" mostly written up, it just needs some tweaking. I'm hoping to get that and the two eps since then done by the end of the weekend, then I'll actually be caught up and can post about each ep the weekend it airs, which was the whole idea when I started doing this.

Anyway... that's actually an interesting thought about Snowflake (yeah I know... but I like that name better, so I'll probably keep calling him that. ). I doubt the creators had this in mind, and it was probably just a continuity slip, but eh, as I said, not a big deal.

Gee, that kind of talk about continuity slip-ups is really familiar, makes me think of another franchise that I bet everyone here is a fan of... now what could it be...

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