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Re: How powerful is a Galaxy class starship?

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Agreed, it doesn't really make sense for the Sovereign to be so advanced that it makes a Galaxy obsolete
And then we'd have to consider what "obsolete" would really mean, too. If the Miranda, Oberth, Excelsior, etc. have shown, Starfleet will probably squeeze as much as it can from models that are clearly dependable, despite being decades old. Those ships function primarily as some kind of support or front line duty, and they served side-by-side with vessels much more advanced than them. Even if an Excelsior served alongside a Sovereign (which was almost the case with Nemesis, along with other Starfleet ships), that Excelsior ship can't and won't be written off so quickly. So the Galaxy being obsolete and thus unusable when there are Oberths still in action seems to be an exaggeration.
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