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Re: How powerful is a Galaxy class starship?

Agreed, it doesn't really make sense for the Sovereign to be so advanced that it makes a Galaxy obsolete (especially if upgrades are taken into account).

In terms of volume, relative to a Constitution-class starship (volume = 1), the Galaxy is almost two and a half times the size of a Sovereign.

D'deridex = 123.1 (!!!)
Scimitar = 94.4

Galaxy = 27.5
Nebula = 21.0

Valdore-type = 22.8

Ambassador = 13.6
Sovereign = 11.5
Galaxy stardrive = 9.4

Vor'cha = 5.7
Galor = 5.5

Akira = 6.7
Excelsior = 4.1/4.7
Intrepid = 3.0
Nebula stardrive = 2.7
Constitution refit = 1.1
Miranda = 1.0
Defiant = 0.3

Out of Starfleet's innumerable vessels, only the Sovereign and Ambassador are larger than a Galaxy's stardrive... and not by much. Even if we assume a Galaxy's saucer is completely deadweight, there's no reason to assume an upgraded Galaxy would be less than a match for a Sovereign.

Also, for whatever reason, the Romulans must punch below their own weight (although I would bet that a D'deridex would still be top dog in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants). Perhaps much of their starships' volumes are used by equipment for their quantum singularities?
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