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Re: Homemade documentary on TNG sets in 1988

So the transporter room buttons actually did shit? LOL

EDIT: So who's voice is that at the end? Did these losers get caught? Who uploaded this footage?

EDIT2: Can anyone confirm this reader comment from jcarter1701 at this site?
Hey, Seb!

I saw your great and funny story on the paramount interlopers and wanted to provide you a piece of info. “Captain’s stone’s” little friend is none other than “Ralph Miller”, the very same person who is currently working the sound effects over at “New Voyages” fansite! I haven’t seen this video in over 10 years, at some of the Vegas conventions, and it was a riot then, and still is, THANKS!

EDIT3: And from this site:
That little party animal is Greg Stone. He even states his name on the video.

I saw some of this video many years ago but it looks like i had not seen it all. And those 4 parts do not show it all as well.

Mr. Stone called me on the phone one day about the Full Scale Shuttle thread I think it was on ASAP. What a tool-shed

I should have asked him about this event then

Stone seems to post his own comments at the above link. Don't know if it's really him or not.

EDIT4: Memory Alpha again:
Born as Gregory Ray Stone in Los Angeles, California, he was raised in Long Beach, California. Earlier, Stone worked as broadcaster on the Long Beach radio station KLON on which he hosted the show Stone Trek, a show about the 1960s music. Stone started to work as an actor but soon moved over to the special effects department where he got his first job on The Next Generation in 1987.

In 1990 Stone became embroiled in an incident that has resulted in the hardening stance of the studio, already wary of doing so, of hiring fans as production staffers, as then makeup artist Doug Drexler and stand-in performer Guy Vardaman recalled in the Trek Radio Q&A interview session of 22 January 2011: "[Drexler:] They also had serious problems, like, I remember there was a videotape that was made by, I am not going to mention any names, of someone who snuck onto the stage wearing a Starfleet uniform, and took videos of himself and going through the sets and giving a tour of the ship. [Vardaman:] And breaking the clam shell in sickbay and messed up our shooting schedule the next day, do you remember that? [Drexler:] Yeah, yes I remember, and that, that really set the precedent." [X][SIZE=2]wbm[/SIZE] Stone was already known for quite some time in the Star Trek fan community, despite Drexler's hesitation to divulge names, as his video, in which he identified himself, had, on and off, been circulating on the internet for years. [1] Stone, having also been involved in leaking behind-the-scenes information the year previously (some of which published in The 24th Century Technical Manual), has not been working for the studio since.
According to MA, though, he continued to work on the show until the third season.(?)

God, the more google searches I do, the crazier this story gets.
#2 & 3) We offer this pair of CONTROL BOARD PANELS from “Star Trek: The Next Genration” television series. They are made of a heavy thick plastic. When light is placed behind it the control panels appear to light up. Originally obtained from Greg Stone who worked on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Each panel is 41 inches long by 14″ wide.
Good luck!!
"Obtained" indeed.

How's my hair?

EDIT-lost-count: Okay, final edit, this is it -- a youtube comment from Gabriel Koerner:
What's hilarious is that the guy in the bath robe at 2:35 in the bathrobe is actually an old friend of mine. I did a spit take. And got confirmation that it is actually him.
"Beep... beep!" --Captain Pike

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