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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

The "zipper line" of cars with the truck and cow-catcher was a beautiful sight. I agree, one of the coolest and best things they've done.

I agree, Christopher, on their test with the panes of glass. Tempered glass is pretty darn "hard" to cut yourself with any more than maybe be a surface scratch. More reliable human analogues in clothes probably would have bore this out that it was fairly "safe" to some degree. I'm sure you'd get scratched up pretty good, sure, but overall I think one would weather it pretty good.

The RPG myth didn't bring much to the table. I think most of us have watched this show enough/long enough to know how explosions work especially when versing movie scenes with reality. Which probably is why they didn't "duplicate the result" but just "made it look good." There's been one or two other instances over the years where a "Hollywood Myth" result test was done by simply showing the special effects behind it. The Jr. Team didn't disappoint me in that regard it seemed to be in line with what the show has more or less always done when it comes to some of the more extreme myths.

But, really, if they were going to duplicate/test a Fast and Furious franchise myth (which, granted, the RPG vs. SUV stunt is a genre one not specific to the F&F franchise, but it's the clip they used to present the stunt) they should have gone with the bank vault pull from the fifth movie. Which, yeah, we all know is ridiculous and Reel Physics already did the math on but it'd still be fun to see it tested.

Sigh. Maybe some day.
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