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Re: Disney's Frozen - Grading and Discussion

Finally saw Frozen today. I absolutely loved it! Disney knocked its own tradition on its butt with this one!

First, Kristoff didn't remember that Anna was the girl he saw being saved by the trolls when he was a little boy. Secondly, everyone sane questioned why Anna was engaged to a guy she just met! That's new for Disney. And third, you don't have a prince saving the princess. The princess saved the queen and herself. Fourth, we had a queen that wasn't EVIL!

I felt like I was watching a Broadway play with the classic elements and, with the trolls' song, a touch of Avenue Q! Was that the same actress that played Gary Coleman that was the female troll?

As to the love interests.... Hans seemed to be the classic Disney prince... until he revealed himself to be a freaking jerk. I think it was intentional that we didn't know he was a villain until the reveal. We were all looking at the Duke of Weasel Town... And then Hans was a dirty... word that rhymes with plastered.
Kristoff by contrast wasn't going to try and sweep Anna off her feet, but was going to help her be better. I loved that!

The only real flaw I can think of is that the songs weren't spaced out enough. I know it worked well with the plot, but still it would've been nice to have more songs in the latter half of the movie. Hans should've had a song about his duality.

Other than that, AWESOME!!
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