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Re: TOS Caption Contest #281: Who Captions for Adonais?

TFTW, LeadHead!

McCoy: "I'd give real money if he'd wear pants instead of a toga when he does this."
Chekov: "I think I'm going to need therapy."
Kirk: "Someone go find Lieutenant Palamas. She's gonna wanna see this!"

Kirk: "Let this be a lesson to you, Mr. Chekov. This is the kind of trouble thinking with the 'little head' can get you into."

Spock: "Really, Mr. Kyle? A worker's compensation claim? All I did was shove you aside so I could get to the transporter controls."

Palamas: "Oh, don't mind them. They're just jealous."

Spock: "Shouldn't Mr. Scott be doing that?"
Uhura: "I lost a bet."
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