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Re: Who wants to see a TAS Remasered project?

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re TOS-R typoe improvements, "better" IS debatable, despite Rama's assertion otherwise. In a film everything must be seen in context. I could cut Star Wars VFX (with the color saturation turned off) into old Flash Gordon serials and while the effects themselves would arguably be of better quality, seen as a piece they would not fit with the surrounding period photography and stick out like a sore thumb, which is often the case in TOS-R. Is that "better"? You decide.
I gotta be honest here, I don't find the remastered effects "better" than most of the original effects. The CGI models were "overlit" (they always looked like they had a spotlight bouncing off of them) and had a plastic look about them. Not to mention that some models simply were low-polygon, looking at the Klingon model from season three. Some models look like they belong in a video game.

I think they could do new TOS effects that do the originals justice and fit in with the live action elements, I just don't think that happened in TOS-R.
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