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Re: Name your imponderables for Star Trek

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Thats not the question. The question is, should Othello be played by anyone but a Moor?

Or they could go with the best actor from the general ethnic group and let them act. Getting the cultural stuff right is part of the job.

Why would it be false if he's speaking English the way he was taught?
The last statement was in response to your statement "Oh, and do you think that every Frenchman who learns English has to speak it with a Pepe LePew accent? "

There's no reason to do a ridiculous stereotypical French accent when a genuine one, spoken by someone well aware of French and French culture can do it justice. Heck, French was the language of the court in England during much of the medieval period. Based upon what I've read, and speaking to people from England, French is pretty commonly learned in school. How difficult would it have been to speak it authentically since Picard is French? Now that is confounding.

I don't think say Romeo must be played by an Italian always. But it sure would be weird for a white guy to play Othello. We'd cringe today at that, though historically that has happened with white guys wearing essentially shoepolish on their faces.

Wouldn't it be more authentic to give a South African the part of Mandela if he's a black African from that region originally. Then he can speak with a natural voice emulating the native speakers like Mandela?

This isn't a far fetched idea.

A part that's written as a Japanese person, could easily be modified into a Korean person. I don't see how it's relevant to the story either way. Unless there's specific need for that charcter to be from Japan due to X, then why not adjust it so that it's in keeping with the actor?

Can you imagine a production like Dances with Wolves with Hispanic actors playing the parts of the Lakota people because the director though the skin tones were good enough? How weird would that be?
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