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Re: Name your imponderables for Star Trek

Should a white European play Othello? I doubt it. I think we'd be appalled by someone wearing black face today.

Was there a need to make Linda Park a Japanese person? Nope. The Korean culture is just as rich and diverse.

Star Trek to their credit allowed minorities to be depicted in all manner of roles and not the inscrutable asian dispensing weak philosophy, breaking boards, or being a valet. At the time TOS was made, how many actors were from diverse backgrounds? Not many.

I truly like Nimoy's work, but when he did yellowface to portray a Mongol, it was supremely annoying.

Should efffort be made to locate authentic folks to fill cultural roles. You betcha. That's far more believable.

And why should anyone use a false accent? Not when it's simple to alter the character's history or to work with a speech coach to acquire one.
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