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Re: Name your imponderables for Star Trek

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During TOS, it was fairly common for all kinds of ethnic people to play Asians. Then you have crazy things like Ricardo Montebahn playing Khan who is a Sikh but never adopts the affectations of a Sikh regarding their spiritual practices (a point very well explained by TheRealKingDaniel in his Imponderables youtube shorts).
How many fake Asians appeared on TOS ( Other than Khan, who is South Asian)? Do you also object to Keye Luke playing Dr Cory?

Some of that is excusable but embarrassing writing by early writers or them simply feeling such details were unimportant as the average American probably had no idea what a Sikh believed or did within their culture. It was a different time.

To do this in later series was a big mistake, particularly because Star Trek is an international phenomena. If an actor is good enough to be on the series, heck embrace his/her background and incorporate it into the show. Linda Park is Korean, so the writers could have included every Asian detail in the same manner but not switching it to Japanese culture. Things like her name, her background, her cooking, her martial arts training, etc. This is so simple to do.

The same is true of Patrick Stewart. He's a fine actor. Let him be English and especially since he can't seem to remember that he's French (saying things like schedule as shhed ule really gives this away).
Does this apply to all Europeans or just Stewart? How about actors of African descent? I brought this up earlier

Nerys Myk wrote:
You're right!

They should have gotten a real Scotsman for Scotty, instead of Canadian James Doohan.

And Kirk should be layed by an American, not a Canadian like William Shatner.

Whats with casting an American as Uhura? Were there no East African actors available? She should have made the character an American.

Sulu? That's not even a Japanese name. So Why cast Takei?
Outside of Trek, what of Brando and Caan in the Godfather, neither one are Italian.

Edris Elba and Morgan Freeman as Mandela, neither one is Xhosa.

Just how far should the matching of character to actor go?

Oh, and do you think that every Frenchman who learns English has to speak it with a Pepe LePew accent?

The back story is that Hoshi had a black belt in Aikido before she joined Starfleet Academy, was running an quasi-illegal honor code violation poker game, and broke the arm of the captain who caught her doing it. Then nothing about those two things plays any role within the story, previous stories, previous examples of her performing those things, etc. It's a classic non sequiter. It also doesn't make sense that a person booted out of Starfleet would have then been on the maiden voyage especially since there likely would be other linguists who had followed protocol. Remember, the Vulcans are watching over the shoulder of Starfleet even about minutia.
We learn new things about characters in almost every episode. Families, hobbies and ex lovers pop in without previously being mentioned. It shouldn't be so imponderable.

Archer wanted Hoshi on the mission. He tracked her down and personally asked her. I don't think Starfleet and Vulcans were going to stop him.
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