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Re: Star Trek: Phase II - "Kitumba" Officially Released!

When I first participated in this thread, I recognized the semi-professionalism of KITUMBA, but failed to mention, which level of comparison here makes my fan heart tick... so here I go further:

I compare "Star Trek Phase 2" (and, of course their earlier New Voyages outings) more likely with professional productions than Fan Film productions, because the overall quality just strikes another chord with me.

Yes, as Barb constantly reminds us, there are a lot of Fan Films out there for us to enjoy, "dive in" or simply watch. But they always have this similar "feeling" of fan productions on which they are regarded (at least, as far as I'm concerned).

James Cawley raised the bar right from the beginning (and I also take into account "Come What May", because the production design was very, VERY ambitious) and then there has been been a sudden jump (with "To Serve All My Days") that lifted the fan series to another level, regardless which version you take into account, Jack Marshall's (the Director of that episode) vision or both Phase 2's versions (with Chekov's dying/dreaming storyline). It was, where "labour of love" aka amateurism met semi-professionalism. And they never let me/us down afterwards. From that time onwards, it would always be about scripting/acting/editing - and whther we liked the story or not so much. That's where "World Enough And Time" met me completely up to now!

So what was I saying here? Yes, I compare Phase 2 more with professional productions than fan films. That's, how I regard the series.
Star Trek Continues has the same production values, the same semi-professionalism, the same enthusiasm for me. And it doesn't matter for me, that the groundwork has been done by others. I love it equally and compare it equally to professional productions, nothing else.
And, of course, there's Starship Exeter, whose final film will probably come out later this year completed. They have also done such a remarkably job of putting out a 2nd film that was so much on par with P2/STC, that I should recognize, that they have done so years ago.

So, all scripting/acting/editing/mixing issues regarded - I'd compare them with professional tv shows - and I'll praise/criticize them on THAT level.


P.S.: Both, James Cawley AND Vic Mignogna strike me as very good acting Captains Kirk!
'Nuff said!
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