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Re: Who wants to see a TAS Remasered project?

Whether the new TOS-R effects are better than the original TOS effects isn't a factual matter. If the assertion was that they aren't as grainy, well, that might get some traction as an objective statement.

Anyway, the subject here is not that, but rather TAS, TAS remastering, TAS redux, TAS-SE, etc., yes?

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The only way this could REALLY work would be to obtain the "voices only" track from Filmation, use the now released original music, and THEN have your "balls to the wall" animation with it. That is the only approach that would interest me (as an animator)
What release of the original music? There's been no release of the TAS music, AFAIK.
I think he means TOS music--re-scoring the TAS episodes with TOS musical cues. (That would interesting; TOS music is almost a Trek character all by itself.)
Ah, I can see that spockboy might have meant that.

Well, I can say flat-out that I would never pay money to own such a thing. Now, I might be interested in hearing a demo reel of it. Heck, I might be interested in watching a demo clip with new animation, remixed soundtrack, etc. But pay money for any of that??? No.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?), I'd seriously doubt that CBS would allow unsolicited demo clips to be posted. My belief is that using portions of the original audio tracks in such a project and posting the results online without first receiving permission would constitute a copyright violation.

As someone (edit - RAMA) has already said, the voice direction itself does not generally lend itself well to these sorts of "improvements".

Also, I respectfully submit that people who think that such special editions of TAS are feasible are seriously underestimating the level of work that would be required to produce a watchable, entertaining, and attractive result.
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