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Re: Who wants to see a TAS Remasered project?

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If you can't see how offensive that would be then I can't help you. It's one thing to remake a work as in making a new version, but doing something revisionist to the actual original work is insulting and disrespectful to the original creators.

I can appreciate TNG-R because the end result is something that looks like it could have looked under the best of circumstances. TOS-R doesn't look like anything TOS could have done even under the best of circumstances.

So revisioning the original TAS would piss me off.
Well it looks a lot better than TOS originally did. It's not as good as they can do it now, but that wasn't really the goal, was it?

Whether or not the effects of TOS-R were "better" or not is in the eye of the beholder. But I'm not upset that they made the attempt. Sometimes it worked and looked good, other times not so much.

Actually it's not, they are clearly better than what they did in the 1960s. As for whether it was "state of the art" that's another matter entirely. You may prefer the poorer effects of the 60s, but that doesn't make them better.

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