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Re: MLP:FiM S4E10 "Rainbow Falls" - Grading & Discussion

Nice to see the Griffons back, with unique colour tones too. Someone at Hasbro even joked on Twitter "being French, they've already given up and gone home." lol

Twilight is definitely getting bigger, I wasn't sure before but she's growing another inch or two every few episodes. Love her gradual transformation in to Tara's character in Lollipop Chainsaw, kind of an adult shout out to make but cool.

Derpy! with lots of screen time even and an odd noise as Rainbow returns, and Habros tweets have already been coming out, she's not going anywhere apparently, so more Derpy for season 4.

So, both episodes we have the Pony in the title facing a challenge to their element, having to choose between their friends and their dream (call backs to Best Night Ever) and finding their key through that. A little predictable, but sweet. Episode 12 is Pinkie Pride and 15 is Twilight Time so I guess that'll be theirs.

And, strangely, both elemental episodes have had an Alicorn in the background. The security pony flying around in Manehatten and a yellow and green mare today. Wonder if that's somewhat deliberate.

Bulk Biceps? not liking the new direction, name etc but he was a fun addition for the episode. Fluttershy got plenty of screentime and moments too.

But, if the yellow Alicorn was allowed to compete, then Twilight could have (for Ponyville), unless being a princess it's considered favouritism.

Anyway, great episode.
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