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Re: "Intelligence" season 1 discussion & spoilers (Josh Holloway)

So, anyone want to take any bets on whether Sawyer2.0s wife is actually dead or not? Points in favor of her surviving are that they gave her the classic TV non-death cutaway (if you didn't see it, it didn't happen), and she's a pretty prominent "hey, it's her, what's her name..." (Zuleikha Robinson) actress to just waste on one episode. Points against are that that was a pretty huge explosion and it happened only seconds after Chuck and Sarah leapt to safety through the window. However, Johnny Mnemonic and Dark Angel did leap through glass and fall ten stories into water without a scratch on them or internal injuries, so clearly Dr. Phlox has used his encounter with the Borg to turn humanity into sturdier lifeforms in this universe, in addition to giving them cybernetic brain implants.
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