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Re: Writing questions

I think it's funny how many sites there are that have Star Trek fan fiction, but when I look for tips on writing Star Trek I just don't find much. I have read the advice written by Dean Wesley Smith for people who wanted to enter Strange New Worlds back in the day, but I just can't find much else. Do you think I should start a thread under fan-fiction and make a place to post anything I find? Would any of the authors here like to contribute advice? Does anyone remember a Star Trek book or magazine that had advice for writing Star Trek?

I Started out writing my first Star Trek story just for fun awhile back and now I am interested in learning to write fiction. I have a whole stack of fiction writing books that I enjoy reading when I have time. I am looking for more Star Trek specific stuff. To give you an idea I am thinking of things like "writing a Star Trek space battle," or "Star Trek species character traits" etc.
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