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Re: Nelson Mandela-class Diplomatic Courier

surak-toc wrote: View Post
the design so far is coming along nicely, the design from the top of it looks amazing, cannot wait for more, just a design point, would like it to have a little romulan influence
Thanks, happy to hear that.
Now that you mention that, I might give the nacelle pylons a hull plating design similar to the Akira class, which has a design that reminds me a little of the hull pattern on a Romulan ship.
Either that, or I might research both, and try a pattern that is a combination of the two. The hull and components however will remain unchanged from the concept. This is a Federation design after all. But I do appreciate ideas like this, and welcome them, even if I don't act on them.

Maurice wrote: View Post
The point I was making is that diplomatic vehicles are typically unarmed. Air Force One doesn't carry air to air missiles. Defensive countermeasures, yes, but weapons?
True, but Air Force One has never had to deal with mercenaries or pirates. I think that there are many space pirates who wouldn't think twice about kidnapping Federation dignitaries for ransom, or sell them to the Federation's enemies for political leverage.
Fortunately, it is very difficult to board an aircraft in mid-flight, but unfortunately, the same restrictions don't exist in space, and it is quite possible to damage a starship until they are rendered adrift, and then board that said starship, similar to how pirates can board ocean-going ships at sea.

Cyke101 wrote: View Post
Maurice wrote: View Post
The point I was making is that diplomatic vehicles are typically unarmed. Air Force One doesn't carry air to air missiles. Defensive countermeasures, yes, but weapons?
It always struck me as odd that there were so very few anti-torpedo countermeasures in Starfleet, aside from shields. Interceptor torpedoes and point defense phasers (like in ST:Armada) would have been neat. Even modern-day Fedex planes have countermeasure systems designed to feed incoming missiles a false target (like how O'Brien defeated the Cardassian weapons platforms) and then automatically signal air traffic control of the attack.
Actually, I believe that it was Malcolm Lu's Majestic class that introduced me to the idea of Point Defense Phasers, and the Legacy class and Madeinjapan's/Samuelson's Perception class have inspired me to make them standard equipment on any of my designs that are contemporary with the Legacy class and beyond.
It now makes sense to make tertiary weapons, similar in function to anti-air batteries on even todays warships (but especially the battleships of old that were covered in weapons), while the main phaser arrays focus on enemy warships.

Robbiesan wrote: View Post
Actually Mandela being the name of a diplomatic ship strikes me as odd given he's either a freedom fighter for the African National Congress or a terrorist to some ( he was caught with multiple explosive devices and given to necklacing the opposition [filling a tire full of jellied gasoline around an opponent's neck then igniting it]). Rather gruesome and hardly diplomatic.

I guess you mean his statesman years?
I guess so, since I've never heard of Mandela as violent in his political endeavors.

aloha62 wrote: View Post
Maurice wrote: View Post
Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that a discussion about a "Diplomatic Courier" starts off by discussing its weaponry?

Kind of makes sense in this context, Mandela did start his career with murders, weapons and bombs.
And here I was rethinking the name, or the take of ship that would carry his name. But I guess that Teddy D. Roosevelt did say "walk softly, and carry a big stick", or something like that.

I appreciate the comments, and please don't be shy, because they encourage me to continue this long design process.
Tomorrow, I'll probably post the progress I've made this week
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