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Re: Are the aliens in Basics that planet's Cro-Magnons?

They were a little too close to our Cro-Magnon ancestors, with their "unga-bunga" mode of speech, their primative loin cloths, their Hippy wigs from Target and ... and so forth. I really did not care for them. Nor did I care for the simplicity and stupidity in which their capture of Kes & Neelix was handled.

It seemed so staged. And they weren't bound, in any way. They weren't being pawed and manhandled, at all. Just made to crouch low, whilst the aliens formed a cirlce around them, letting Chakotay just lead them out. It was so lame. The CGI Dune worm they used was equally lame and incapable of any meaningful threat, or action. "Oh, look! What luck! The Dune worm is sleeping ... we can walk around him and get to the other side!" which Chakotay, Tuvok and the crew all do. Then ...

THEN, just as they head towards the cave exit, there's some kind of CGI Dune worm Advancement Blur as the Voyager team makes strangely loose rocks above the entrance cave in and block it. The whole sequence on this planet was so poorly executed and rushed, in general. It was a lost opportunity ...

The worst, though, was the robust and healthy Unga Bunga Boy, trapped on a rock by a lava stream, and Chakotay leaping onto it, flinging him over his shoulders and making the short leap back to safety. Thank Providence for these god-like beings, right Tribal Chieftan? You'd never have been able to figure that out, on your own. Ahh ... silly Cro-Magnon Man. Will you never learn?
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