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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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Chapter II, on the other hand, presents a version of the Romulan War that's pretty much completely irreconcilable with the ENT novels. I was wondering if there might be some details that could be interwoven, each one filling in gaps the other didn't cover; but unfortunately they mostly cover the same ground in different ways, like disagreeing on what event instigated the war, whether the Coalition had a mutual-defense pact, who the praetor was (Gileus vs. D'deridex), where Starbase 1 was and when it was attacked (Algeron in '56 vs. Berengaria VII in '55), when Sol was invaded ('58 vs. '60), who commanded Starfleet (Douglas vs. Gardner), whether Gardner survived the war, etc., as well as the previously mentioned discrepancy about what ship Bryce Shumar commanded and when. So there's essentially nothing that can be reconciled. The one coincidental correspondence, surprisingly, is that both F150Y and the novelverse have Columbia lost in May 2156, only 8 days apart, though in totally different ways.
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On the subject of the different approaches, don't forget the temporary occupation of Denobula, leading to its eventual withdrawal from galactic affairs. Personally, this desire to "explain away" the Denobulans by somehow removing them from prominence irks me. We don't need an explanation for the lack of Denobulans in later series any more than we need assume that Tellarites or Deltans somehow kept a low profile in the 24th Century. Enterprise never presented them as a major political influence anyway, so what's wrong with just assuming that they joined the Federation and chugged along quietly (which seems to be the novels' approach to handling them)?

The new Stellar Cartography book even moves Denobula in order to accommodate this book's backstory. Personally, I'm keeping it where it was.
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