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Re: Where are those big windows on the Enterprise model on the set?

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Although I believe the situation was fixed with the 4-foot model introduced later, and it's noticeably thicker saucer rim? I've never tried to measure it but I assumed that change was especially to "fix" Ten Forward.
Yes. It's really ridiculous when you examine the issue. The studio set had three forward sections with 3 windows each.

However, the 6-footer VFX model only had two forward sections with 3 windows with noticable space in between those. Not a chance to fit the Ten Forward location there (could "Ten" stand for ten tables?).

So they tried to fix their screw-up with the 4-footer, somehow trying to overwrite the existing 6-footer.

Of course, building the 4-footer they could have used the occasion to match the windows ahead of the NCC-1701-D.

But unfortunately they had already shown an exterior shot at the beginning of Season Two, so they couldn't or wouldn't pursue the chance to present the lower windows as a second location option - worse, they turned the lights off.

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