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Re: Dracula - NBC

"If you insist on behaving like a monster, then I will make you one."

That was not the ending I expected. I thought we'd see Dracula's secret identity exposed and his empire under assault by the (other) forces of darkness. Instead, we had Dracula's attack on Lucy

I don't know if the pained expression on Dracula's face as he left Mina's hospital room the final time was a "Lucy, WTF?" or a "Lucy, who put you up to this?" I doubt that Dracula knows of the games that Lady Jayne was playing with Lucy, so I suppose it's the former. But I can't imagine a reason why Dracula fangs Lucy and turns her. Yes, it was pretty hot (I always thought Katie McGrath was a weak actress, but she managed a look of pure rapture when she turned), but I don't see how vampire Lucy furthers any of Dracula's schemes, especially now that he has his great work, the Resonator, back. Fanging her, yes, I can understand that. Lucy hurt Mina, and now Dracula's going to hurt her. But turning her into a vampire? He's leaving an unpredictable piece in play, especially if the Order (and Lady Layne in particular) comes across her. All I can imagine is that the creative decision on Lucy was, "Well, Lucy becomes a vampire in the book and her destruction leads to Dracula's discovery," but that's a reason external to the story.

In general, I was surprised by how much material Lucy had this week. In retrospect, I shouldn't have been -- we needed Harker's walk of shame and Lucy being caught, Lucy's realization that she's been played by Lady Jayne, and Lucy's awkward attempt at making amends with Mina. On the first, as Greg said, we now know Lucy's living arrangements. On the second, I have to wonder if vampire Lucy will take on Lady Jayne next week in revenge and that's how Dracula's dual identity gets blown. And on the third, that scene in the hospital could not have gone anything like Lucy imagined it would have gone.

I love how Renfield remains the voice of sanity in this series. He recognized that Davenport was running rogue ops, but I don't know that anything would have happened differently had Dracula heeded Renfield's words of warning. Actually, come to think of it, Dracula would have been in a worse position; the Order was already planning to move against Grayson, which would have had Dracula on the defensive on both fronts, whereas now he's on the offensive on one front at least.

"Four Roses" struck an interesting balance -- Dracula launched a frontal assault on the Order, yet he managed to remain sympathetic. His sense of triumph when he learned the Resonator was safe to use was palpable (even though we know it's a set-up). His bedside vigil for Mina was touching, and their final conversation, where Mina has finally decided to listen to her heart, was lovely. Everything Dracula wants is in his grasp -- the destruction of the Order, his gift of free energy, and his love for Mina. It's hard not to root for him, and I hope he achieves at least two of the three next week.

So that's what I want next week -- the two love birds, Dracula and Mina, riding off into the sunset, leaving the wreckage of the Order and that skunk Harker behind them to start life anew.

And lots of explosions, too. Because you just know that Browning is going to get his "catastrophic." Oh, and lots of bloodletting, because Dracula and Lady Jayne need a throwdown. Fortunately, the next time trailer showed us both.

This is completely not the series I thought it was going to be. It's infinitely more fun.
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