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Re: R.I.P. - Russell Johnson, the "Professor" from Gilligan's Island

^^ Yup, I saw that.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I don't think Gilligan's Island deserves the scorn it gets, certainly not in an era where popular entertainment is dominated by degrading "reality" shows and sharknadoes.
I agree. It was a well-written, 60s-style parable of people coming together. A blue-collar seaman, a Right-Wing industrialist, a liberal intellectual college professor, an upper-crust society woman, a mid-western farm girl, a Hollywood glamor queen, and a simple, naive innocent who saved the day as often as he screwed up. They represented a variety of backgrounds and social classes and they were always in conflict, but they loved each other and would come to each others' aid at the drop of a hat.

Dark Gilligan wrote: View Post
I remember an interview Johnson did a few years back. He said Alan Hale was a sweetheart, always smiling, always slapping you on the back with a hearty laugh. Jim Bacchus would tell dirty jokes on set, a new one everyday. And Bobby Denver (as everyone called him) took his role as series star very seriously, going through every script to make sure his fellows were given equal screen time and material.
He was also the one who pressured the producers behind the scenes to add Russell Johnson and Dawn Wells to the main credits, which they didn't even know for many years. Pretty much everyone on the show, except maybe Tina Louse, was a really nice person.

Dark Gilligan wrote: View Post
Actually, Christopher, I'm not misinformed. I did err in referencing the unaired pilot, but the character descriptions are genuine. They're from the original Gilligan's Island treatment. The characters had changed after this first iteration and were on their second go-around when the pilot was filmed, as you stated above. The characters changed again, iteration three, into how we know them today.

There is a series of shorts called Gilligan's Island: Before the Three Hour Tour which detail the following:

The Professor was originally a writer.
The Howells were not millionaires.
Ginger was a secretary, and Bunny was a store clerk.
Gilligan was a Navy cook who knew nothing about the sea. He lied about his background to get the job aboard the Minnow, as the Skipper's regular first mate had crapped out.
This is interesting. Do you have any links to the original treatment?
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