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Re: Why Wasn't Neelix considered a candidate for removal after season

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I didn't hate his character. It was odd and peculiar though. "We need this guy as a his wife is hot."

"I agree...let's put this important source of intel as....the chef!"

Seriously? It was like Guynan 2.

"We need this woman as she knows important information about some unknown alien temporal anomalies."

"I know. How about bartender???"
Guinan's people are listeners.
There is no better social setting to listen to people and their problems than a bar. People drink to relief stress and drown their sorrows. It was the prefect job for someone like her, that's why she chose it. All the Ambassadors & Diplomats visited 10 Forward. I can only imagine how many people from all over Guinan made friends with just tending bar on the Federation Flagship.

Neelix chose cook because he has no other skills and don't need allot of skill to cook, Chef yes. Cook, not so much. Look at Rachel Ray. However, cooking real food and less replicated saves the ship energy to be used instead for repairs. So Neelix' job actually helps the ship greatly. Plus Neelix being nosey/overly social works for him cause EVERYBODY needs to eat, so you kinda have no choice but to talk to him. The job fits his personality.
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