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Re: The Future of Star Trek - Animation?

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I personally feel we are in a dark time period and I really hope it ends sooner than rather then later.
I hear you on that one. But I think there are some bright spots:

- We live in an era of genuinely international achievement. Watching the Chinese space program and economy take off is cool as hell, for instance, though of course no such development comes without its dangers.

- We live in an era when, dysfunctional as the politics of the West (hell, of much of the world) might be, more and more previously marginalized people are finding a way into the mainstream. The transition of gay marriage from taboo to acceptance in the space of just a few years is itself practically science fiction. The pervasive sexism and racism that was normal in the Sixties is receding (though perhaps no age will ever totally banish either ill).

- For all the (well justified) apocalyptic anxieties of the age, we also live in an era where the solutions to problems like climate change are in easier reach than ever... and even in an era where NASA is seriously studying warp drive and we're seeing the real-life fruition of things that Sixties SF just speculated about.

So there are lots of ways to re-anchor and re-conceive something like Trek and lots of positives to draw upon.
I have to disagree with you on one of your points that I'd rather not say (on this thread at least). For me, the point in question is actually a big part of the dark times. *sigh*

But yes, I agree not everything is dark. I believe that there is as much good as there is bad. The bad just likes to shout more to get attention.
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