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Re: Action hero Picard

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Inappropriate "action" in TNG movies?

Nuff said.
Poor Berverly, doing the Security extra because as MD, she's confined to say that Starfleet officers are in incredibly good shape and that Son'a and Ba'ku are the same race. In Chain of Command, it's easy to understand, the infiltration mission needed a very small and specialized team...but in Insurrection...why were they only four to join Picard despite this ship was full of officers loyal to their Captain? Or perhaps Riker could have joined them and let the ship's command to Geordi, who as an experimented officer could have a deeper role than just saying that engineering is on fire.

It's hard to don't see a parallel between this movie of disobedience in leather jacket and the TOS movie of disobedience in leather jacket...especially when the main villain is burned on a collapsing satellite as a Klingon commander on collapsing planet. At least, in FC, Picard personnal confrontation was justified...because it was more personnaly concerned than everyelse.

The Action Picard of Starship Mine is very Picard...he uses his brain and his knowledge of his own ship.
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