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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

While I work I actually concentrate better if I have a video playing in the background (no, really! ), and STC's initial production was next on my YouTube rotation, convenient since its follow-up is imminent.

Man, this production is a mess, storywise. I just don't get all the internet chatter that is practically coronating this webisode as almost the second coming. Not only are Kirk, Spock and McCoy once again playing second bananas in what should be their own series, they act out-of-character and the episode chooses to waste precious minutes meandering through scene after scene with new character Dr. McKennah.

It might just be me, but this pointless character is the equivalent to many Star Trek novels I used to purchase back in the 80s and 90s which at first glance promised a new adventure with the characters you wanted, a game of bait-and-switch designed to instead feature the writer's unwanted pet female lead character stealing the spotlight.

But it's not just McKennah, PILGRIM is a prettied-up TNG episode attempting to masquerade as a...oh screw that TOS appelation, it's STAR TREK!! a Star Trek episode. Basically all the characters talk for the entire episode without once entering into conflict, and maybe if we the audience are nice the makers will throw us a bone, i.e. an action sequence or two.

(Gh-awd, the writer even inserted my most hated of TNG clichés in this episode: when they have Sulu saying: ''By setting phasers to the proper resonant frequency, we should be able to insert gobbledygook technobabble into this frakkin' story'...')

The first bit with Sulu (I actually like the guy who plays him!) and the former Lee Adama was nice with the return of the atmosphere suit, but what killed his character was so vague and inconsequential...

The piece de resistance, or what should have been, namely the confrontation between Apollo and Kirk is just such a ridiculous have Apollo using his mojo on Kirk and fine, the security redshirts pull their phasers on him, only to have them be TK-ed behind the crowd of 6 (or was it 7? some guy in gold uniform just magically appears amongst them). so what do the 7 do afterwards while Apollo magically crucifies their commanding officer? Well the 7, including Spock of all people, do NOTHING whatsoever! and not only them, we saw in the previous scene there was about 15 people in the nearby rec room.

So even Spock can't be bothered to sidle up and put a neck pinch on a not 100% former deity, some best friend...What resolves this mess? Well we have cut after cut of the half-dozen starfleet crewmembers frozen in their tracks, when finally a phaser magically appears in Dr. McKennah's hands and she zaps the big lug. Where did this phaser come from? who knows but it was thrown far behind them and I don't know how McKennah managed to make her way behind everybody, crouch down and grab the weapon in between the quick cuts...

Still, I'll give points to Michael Bednar and John Broughton for an amazing producing job, the sets are great, the colour and cinematography is vibrant, the atmosphere feels close to their objective.

But they really need to jettison the extraneous characters, BSG style, and refocus their scripts to actually give us stories centering on Kirk, Spock and McCoy, finally (Phase 2, my same plea to you), with a real theme, tension and conclusion. The new episode coming out in a couple of weeks is trumpeting some impressive celebrity names (stunt-casting?), but to date I'm a lot more impressed with Starship Farragut's 3 episodes.
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